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Best Professional Management Institute in Thdoupuzha
Jul 20

SHRSED IPS is the best Management Institute in Thodupuzha, Idukki District, Kerala offering Diploma and Certificate courses in different Professional Management Courses.  The SHRSED IPS has taken due care in adopting the curriculum for different management courses which are suiting to the industry and its stakeholders.  The uniqueness of the SHRSED IPS is the best faculty, adopting the best management institute practices and maintains the Best Professional Management Institute in Thodupuzha, Idukki District, Kerala.  The SHRSED IPS is in pursuit of excellence in developing more professional courses as per the futuristic need in terms of technological and socio-economic advancement i.e. Diploma in Educational Technology, Diploma in Child Care and Counselling etc.,  which are very much in need due to COVID pandemic.

SHRSED IPS’s  other demanding Diploma Courses in Management  are  Event Management, Travel Management, Communication Management, Front Office Management, Tourism Management, Hospitality Management.     For the benefit of students,   Institute is now conducting Regular and Online Courses  and providing online Career Counselling services.

Jul 20

SHRSED IPS is one of the best Hospitality Management Institute in Thodupuzha, Idukki District, Kerala offering Diploma and Certificate course in Event Management. The unique feature of the curriculum of SHRSED IPS Event Management course is Hands-on-training for the students. Exposure to practical and real life experience through Mistywindvalley Resort make the students perfect and strengthen their leadership capacity to face the future challenges. SHRSED IPS’s focus is to develop entrepreneurial interest among the students and to create a challenging entrepreneurs for the country.

SHRSED IPS’s Diploma and Certificate Course on Event Management are the best job oriented Management courses in terms of  industry linked curriculum.  SHRSED IPS is one of the leading  Tourism & Travel Management Institute in Idukki District.  Students who are having creative mind and interested to be an entrepreneur can take admission in  SHRSED IPS courses.  For the benefit of students  Institute is conducting Regular and Online Courses in Hospitality Management & Personality Development courses.

Jun 20

The Government of India is framing various polices to rejuvenate the economy to create more jobs and  put the economy in the fast track.  It is important that while the Government is mooting various policies for job creation, on the same way the manpower should also be got it trained to accommodate in the industry. It is a fact that  Travel& Tourism is one of the most preferred service sector to boost up the economy.


Travel Management Course:


To cop up with the need of the Travel industry, the SHRSED Institute of Professional Studies has come up with Travel & Tourism Management courses with well defined curriculum suiting to the service industry.  SHRSED IPS, Thodupuzha is one of the best Travel &Tourism  Management Institute in Idukki District to cater to the needs of youths to pursue for job oriented Diploma courses.  SHRSED IPS, an emerging Hospitality Management Institute to groom the students to meet the future challenge of the Travel & Tourism services.


Industry linked Course Structure


The Travel industry needs well trained personnel to manage the services. The lack of well trained personnel affect the service and the industry always stands fully depends on the  customer satisfaction.  Well trained staff always an asset to the Travel industry.  The mandate of the SHRSED IPS is to move with Travel industry and meet out the demand and provide the best talented and trained persons.  The SHRSED IPS’s Diploma in  Travel, Tourism and Event Management is the best industry oriented curriculum having industry based internship with assured placement. The well defined and articulated pedagogy  of the SHRSED IPS  enable the students  to manage the industry with all updated technological tools to boost the Travel industry at greater heights with better customer services.    As per the training modules of the SHRSED IPS, the students will become the future entrepreneurs.

May 20

Sky will be the limit for the Hospitality and Hotel industry and people who have already part of this industry knows about it. If you are someone who is thinking to make a career in Hospital management then you have already taken the first step in the right direction. Once we decide the career which we want to choose the next step is to find out about all those institutes which can be targeted to achieve the goal.


There are a lot of institutes that provide management courses in Hospital Management. Shrsed institute is one of them which is the Best Hospitality Management Institute in Muvattupuzha. This institute is one of those institutes which not only provides best of the courses but also has best of the faculty members and due to this reason, it is considered as one of the Best Hotel Management Institutes in Thodupuzha.


How to make sure you be on top of the business?


Be focused


This is something I guess it goes to every profession and when it is specific to hotel and hospitality industry then focus should always be there since one bad news can ruin the whole image of you and place at which you are working. If you are focused towards your goals and dedicated towards your work, then it will be clearly visible in each and everything that you do. This will you in moving up in the ladder in a very short span of time.


Always be available


The way the hospitality industry is growing and demand for good workers making it very much obvious that you should always be available and be ready to do extra shifts. Sometimes we need to go out of the way and give importance to our work and our guests which once inculcated in our daily routine will automatically be shown in whatever we do.


Guest should be your Priority


The hospitality industry is always about loving people and keeping yourself grounded in any of the situations. We should always keep one thing in our mind that guests are our priority and that should always be our focus on whatever we are doing. A good Hospital Management institute will help you in learning this and make sure that when you come out of that institute you will be a different individual who gives priority to its guests and customers.



In the end, I want to conclude by saying that, Shrsed Institute is one of those institutes which offers the best of the diploma courses in Thodupuzuha and can easily be called as Top Management Institute of Thodupuzuha and can help you in giving wings to your dreams.


So guys if you decided to choose hospitality and hotel industry as the career option then Shrsed institute should be your first choice and we can vouch that you won’t be regretting your decision of choosing this institute.

May 20

Once you decide that you are going to make your career in the hospitality and hotel management industry next step is to find out best of the institutes which offer best of the courses that will help you in achieving your goals and can make you a leader in the hospitality industry. One such institute is Shrsed institute that offers different management and diploma courses. Here we are going to talk about Shrsed institute which is one of the renowned Hotel Management Institutes in Idukki District

Distinct and Unique Features of Shrsed institute Infrastructure 

We would say that infrastructure plays a very important role in developing your skills and expertise and when you are planning to study hotel management or about the hospitality industry then its importance increase multi-fold. We have one of the best campuses as far as Hospitality Management Institutes in Thodupuzha is concerned

Placements Preparation- We get our students prepared for the placement sessions well in advance so that they get full knowledge of what is coming in their way and they come out with excellent numbers at the time of placements. We keep on having sessions with industry experts who share their knowledge and impart vast exposure to our students by helping them in gaining confidence.

Guest Talks and Seminars – This is something not a lot of Hotel Management Institutes in Thodupuzha do, but we make sure that on-set durations, experts from industry visit our campus to impart lecture and also to share their experience. These guest talks and seminars which are conducted in our institute helps our fellow students understand that how work is done in the industry and also give them a feel of what is expected out of them when they move to the real world, which encompasses them to prepare early in their career for the future.

Courses Offered – This institute offers various courses which are mainly categorised in diploma and certificate courses. More details on the courses can be seen on the website.

These are some of the unique and distinct features which we want to talk about. Since you have gone through this we are sure you are moving into the right direction and this is your chance to enter into the world of hospitality.

Feb 20

Tourism is the second largest foreign exchange earner in India. The tourism industry employs a large number of people, both skilled and unskilled. Hotels, travel agencies, transport including airlines benefit a lot from this industry. Tourism promotes national integration it generates foreign exchange. It promotes cultural activities. Tourism also promotes the traditional handicrafts sector. The tourist gets an insight into the rich and diverse cultural heritage of India. India is one of the popular tourist destinations in Asia. India offers a wide array of places to see  and things to do. The delighting backwaters, hill stations and landscapes make India a beautiful country. Historical monuments, forts, beaches, places of religious interests, hill resorts, etc. add to the grandeur of the country. They attract tourists from all over the world.The hotel sector forms the key segment of tourism industry. Most of the foreign exchange earned by tourist industry is accounted for by hotel segment. Realising the importance of hotel segment, the Government has taken initiatives to encourage hotel industry by providing tax benefits and other incentives.

Thodupuzha is a  gateway town located in the Idukki district of Kerala. Thodupuzha is often  consideredas the fastest growing town in Central Kerala, having transformed from a small, riverside settlement to a flourishing industrial and tourist hub. By nick name it is called the ‘Hollywood of Kerala’ as the town has been used as a filming location. Thodupuzha is an ideal destination for nature lovers who wish to lose themselves in the surrounding wilderness and forested hillocks. The nearby important tourist locations are IllikkalKallu, Kulamavu, Vagamon, Malankara Dam, Thommankuth etc. Thodupuzha is a must-visit for mountain lovers, adventure seekers and anyone looking to relax in the lap of nature.

Lot of opportunities are available in the tourism sector and  to encourage the young generation to take up entrepreneurship/job in the sector, there is  need to develop educational tourism hub at Thodupuzha to provide skill training.  Lack of trained Hospitality and Travel management people hits back the development of tourism in the area.  Institutes providing specialized skill training in Hospitality and Travel management at Thodupuzha will definitely boost the job opportunities for the young people of Idukki District.