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Duration    :  06 months

Educational Qualifications :  12th Class preferred (State/Central Board)/ Pass in 10th Class  (State/Central Board)

About course

In today’s highly competitive business environment; it is necessary one should  have  the confidence, attitude, and determination that can make him stand apart from the competition and help to succeed. Learn to strengthen interpersonal relationships, manage stress and handle rapidly changing workplace conditions. By learning to build on your strengths and eliminate weaknesses, you can develop the kind of winning attitude that only successful people have. Our course will sharpen your skills so that you can live up to your full potential and reach your goals, both in professional as well as personal life. Our short term Personality Development programme  will polish up your talent and will help you master the capabilities needed to excel in your profession and also in the personal life.  The reason you need Personality Development Training is because a good Personality is great tool in your hands that helps you recognize your hidden capabilities and tap your strengths – thus making you a successful, happier and a richer person.  A better interaction, good relations are a universal need. Certainly it will help in you in career growth and also helps to improve your confidence level.

The topics covered under this course will be:-

• Self-Development
• Time-Management
• Group-Discussions
• Public-Speaking
• Positive-thinking
• Creative-thinking
• Communication-skills
• Stress-management
• Presentation-Skills
• Interview-skills
• Discussion -making